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Moroccan Bathroom Design

Is your home in need of an update? Refreshing the décor throughout your house is a big job, but it can feel a lot easier if you break it down by taking it on room by room. We’ve already looked at colour considerations but let’s take a look now at some of the must-have design trends that will give your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen an incredible new look.


The bathroom is a functional space, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make a design statement as well. Fussy chintz is definitely a thing of the past, with the latest styles drawing inspiration from utilitarian design and monochrome colour schemes.

Black fixtures and fittings

Using light colours to make a room feel bigger is one of the oldest pieces of interior design advice in the book. It still holds firm, but consider adding black fixtures and fittings to give your bathroom more depth and call attention to the room’s features.

black bathroom features


Functional and beautiful finishes that aren’t tiles

Tiles are traditional in the bathroom but can look a little dull and are also prone to gathering unsightly mould and mildew around grouted areas. An increasingly popular alternative is tadelakt, a traditional waterproof and decorative plaster indigenous to the Marrakech region of Morocco, and often found in riads. Tadelakt will give your bathroom a honed, smooth surface that looks and feels like natural stone, with a beautiful satin sheen.

Tadelakt bathroom

Bathroom tech

Tech is booming in every other part of your home: why not the bathroom? Bathroom tech is a big trend at the moment and is only going to increase, with smart toilets, smart showers, voice-activated lighting and built-in Bluetooth speaker systems all starting to become the norm.

Technology in the bathroom



Even though your bedroom is a part of the house that guests rarely see, it’s a very personal space and deserves a great deal of attention. Bedroom trends always tend to favour calm colours and comfortable furnishings, and 2019 is no different.

Rustic chic

Rustic chic combines modern ergonomics and a stylishly muted backdrop with carefully chosen pieces that reflect rustic charm, such as distressed furniture, untreated wood and nature-inspired prints and patterns.

Rustic chic bedroom


Bold floral prints

2019 has seen trends shift towards hand-painted wallpaper in floral prints that feel rich and sophisticated. You can use it for a feature wall or make a real statement by papering the whole room. If you don’t want to commit to completely new décor, buy bedding, pillows and throws with a floral design to create a modern and colourful bedroom.

floral bedroom wallpaper


Wood panelling

Wall panelling has made a comeback and is an easy way to add sophistication, texture and interest to your bedroom. Fitting panelling is a great way to add character to a room that is very stripped back and bland, for example in a new build home, and can either be made from real wood or a much cheaper alternative such as MDF.

bedroom wood panelling



The kitchen, as the saying goes, is the heart of the home and as such, it needs to be warm and inviting whilst still feeling clean and fresh. Most family homes have a fitted kitchen that is unlikely to be changed on a regular basis, which means that trends tend to lean towards painting and decorating rather than full-scale renovations.

Colourful cabinetry

The received wisdom tends to be that kitchen cabinets should be a light colour that suggests a hygienic, but ultimately bland, environment. Painting your cabinets and cupboards in bold colours is a quick and easy way to make an impact and give your kitchen personality and finish. If you change your mind in a couple of years, it’s easy to paint over them with something new.

Red Kitchen cabinets


Clutter-free countertops

The trend towards spaces free of mess and clutter, heavily inspired by Marie Kondo, has reached the kitchen. Whilst this can partly be achieved simply by being mindful about tidiness, there is also a fashion for building appliance cabinets into your kitchen. This means items that you would traditionally keep on your countertops, such as toasters, microwaves and coffee makers, are hidden away in cleverly designed spaces.

decluttered kitchen


Natural wood

If you want to keep your kitchen feeling light and airy, but would like to move away from simply painting everything white, choose natural wood for your kitchen. One popular kitchen trend at the moment is creating connections with nature, which wood helps to do, as well as making your kitchen a welcoming and calming environment, thanks to its timeless and versatile qualities.

wooden kitchen


Whether you choose to have a complete overhaul or add a few simple touches, these trends will help to transform your bathroom bedroom or kitchen into a space that is on-trend and contemporary in look and feel. Updating these spaces can breathe new life into your home and make every room feel as full of possibility as the day you moved in.

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