How To Create The Perfect Moroccan Styled Bathroom

moroccan styled bathroom

If you’re looking to revive your bathroom’s tired look, then a Moroccan theme can be the way to go.

moroccan style bathroomThe ornate patterns and exotic look can make your bathroom the perfect get away from your busy life, without having to buy a plane ticket to experience the real thing!

Here’s how you can create a Moroccan styled bathroom that your whole family will love.

Get Creative With Colours

The best thing about Moroccan bathrooms is that you can use almost any colour palette you like in your decorations.

You can use reds, oranges, blues, greens, and any shades in between to get the look that you want. You can have a bathroom that’s warm and inviting, or relaxing and serene.

You can try mixing bold colours together, such as terracotta and blue, to create a striking look. If you’re worried that too many colours will be overwhelming, use two or three shades of the same colour.

Use Exciting Tile Styles

The next step is to pick the tiles for your bathroom. The Moroccan style bathroom uses ornate tiles to create patterns and visual interest in the decoration of the room.

You can do this by using mosaic tiles, which you can pick up in the colours that you have already picked out in the last step.

You can also use boldly patterned tiles, which help you create the authentic Moroccan look with ease.

Use Moroccan Plaster

There’s a unique plaster called Tadelakt, that’s used commonly in many Moroccan bathrooms.

This plaster creates a smooth, waterproof finish, and so can be used to create a lot of different looks in your home. Many renovators use it as a method to create wet rooms and even create items such as seats and shelves.

It’s something that’s a little bit different from the norm, so your bathroom really will be unique.

Use Different Textures

A good Moroccan style bathroom will use a variety of textures to create visual interest, on top of the different styles in the decoration.

moroccan styled bathroom

For example, you can use display towels to create contrast with the other textures in the room or introduce a rug. Even plants in terracotta pots can add to your style.

Create The Right Ambiance

The best Moroccan styled bathroom will feature all the finishing touches to really add ambience. For example, try using reflective surfaces to the bathroom.

A large mirror with an ornate frame is perfect for this, as well as metallic accessories. You can also add brass features, such as jars and jugs, to create that authentic Moroccan feel.

Here at Tadelakt Decor, we’re the UK experts in Moroccan plastering techniques. If we’ve encouraged you to create your own Moroccan styled bathroom, then call on us to see what we can do with your space.

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