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Bring A Touch of Morocco to Your Home

bathroom designsFor those of you who love to travel and immerse yourself in different cultures from around the world, Morocco is sure to feed your wanderlust.

Awash with colours, fragrances and sounds and oozing style, it is easy to see why so many people want to bring a touch of this wonderful country into their homes.

Moroccan Style

For those who want to enjoy year-round sunshine in the comfort of their own home, Moroccan style interior design is a very popular choice at the moment.

Whether you want to relax in a traditional Marrakech Riad inspired bedroom, or you want your outdoor space to take you back to the bustling squares of Casablanca, you can achieve a taste of North Africa every day.

There are lots of ways that you can introduce Moroccan features into your home, including the following:

  • Use traditional Moroccan lanterns to add warm lighting to a room
  • If you cannot decorate a whole room, invest in colourful cushions to brighten up an old sofa
  • Use mosaic tiles in your garden for authentic North African al fresco dining
  • Put your feet up on a Moroccan style pouffe
  • Make a statement in your living room with a bold print rug or set of curtains

Whether you are a fan of colour or prefer your home decor to be understated, you can make a big impact with rich Moroccan furnishings.

bathroom designs with a difference

Tadelakt Plaster

Your bathroom is the perfect room to be creative with when designing, and it is a great place to show off your own personal style. When looking for bathroom designs with a difference, Tadelakt Plaster offers a unique way to enjoy a Moroccan style bathroom

Tadelakt is a Moroccan plaster that can be found in Riads and building across the whole of the country, particularly in the Marrakech region, and is now seen in homes all over the world.

Derived from tadelakt lime, not only does the plaster look good, but it is also waterproof and very long lasting.

When it comes to bathroom designs with a difference you can guarantee that your guests will enjoy the wow factor when they use your restroom. Tadelakt can be used on bathroom walls, wet rooms, and in the kitchen.

Designed to Last

As mentioned, due to the hardwearing nature of Tadelakt plaster you can enjoy your Moroccan bathroom for many years. It is essential that you use a professional to carry out the plastering work, as it is a specialised trade and even the most skilled handyman may struggle to get the desired effect.

If you are looking for bathroom designs with a difference – Decor Tadelakt has a range of stylish bathroom designs on offer to give your home a true North African feel. Contact our team today for advice and more information.

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