Tadelakt Moroccan Bathroom

Tadelakt Moroccan Bathroom

Different Bathroom Styles

Choosing the right style of bathroom can depend on a number of factors: your personal preferences, architectural style, period of your property and availability of space. However, it can be confusing if you’re not sure of the actual look you want.

There are no set rules when it come’s to designing a bathroom. The important thing is that it’s aesthetically pleasing and practical. Here’s a look at some different bathroom styles to give you a few ideas.


Classic bathroom designs tend to have a traditional feel to them and often respect specific periods such as Victorian or Colonial eras.

Simple, clean colour schemes using traditional colours such as reds, greens and blues are popular as are monochrome black and white combinations.

Countertops are usually made from stone, slate or granite while high quality wood is used for sink cabinets, panelled bathtubs and other furniture. Porcelain is widely used for sinks and claw foot bath tubs, while copper, iron or bronze faucets and other fixtures add an authentic period touch.

Tadelakt Moroccan BathroomContemporary

A contemporary bathroom is everything the classic bathroom isn’t: sleek and modern with clean cut lines and minimum use of dark woods and period style features.

Glass and chrome are popular for a contemporary look and colours are simple, ranging from pure whites to dark greys. A contemporary bathroom maximises the use of space and light, while keep surfaces clutter-free and minimalist.


Casual, comfortable and cosy, a country style bathroom is a firm favourite in many English homes. Natural wood floorboards, woven rugs and painted, stained or de-stressed wooden pieces are particularly popular as are fabrics with floral or striped prints.

Vintage country home accessories such as jugs filled with fresh flowers and period pieces such as porcelain sinks and claw-foot baths are popular, while armchairs or chaise lounges and even a fireplace give the room a warm and welcoming look.


A Moroccan bathroom can add a touch of exotic luxury to your home. Typical colours range from deep Marrakech reds to earthy, natural browns and creams and contrasting vibrant, mosaic-patterned tiles with a touch of gold in fabrics and accessories.

Tadelakt plaster can be used on walls, floors, ceilings and even sinks, showers and bathtubs for a more authentic look.

Tadelakt is a versatile, natural, waterproof plaster finish that not only complements a Tadelakt Moroccan bathroom but is a practical and beautiful addition that works well with any style, from classic, country to contemporary looks.

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