Tadelakt Bathrooms

Why use tadelakt for my bathroom design?

Tadelakt’s natural waterproof properties make it the ideal finishing material for bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. Its distinctive burnished finish gives each application a luxurious look and feel that is adored by interior designers and architects.

Your bathroom is at the heart of your home; a place where you go to relax and unwind. The importance of great design cannot be understated, your bathroom needs as much thought and creativity as your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Modern luxury bathroom design is all about creating unique spaces with colours, textures and materials that elevate your bathroom. Tadelakt’s unique qualities make it the perfect choice for finishing walls and floors as well as creating shower rooms, wetrooms and basins.

Until recently tadelakt was virtually unheard of in the UK despite a centuries-old tradition of skilled artisans applying the craft in the homes of Morocco’s wealthiest people. Today, tadelakt is still comparatively rare due to the craftsmanship that is required to create the stunning finish that tadelakt is renowned for.

Where else can tadelakt be used?

Tadelakt is incredibly versatile and can be used on most bathroom surfaces. It is ideal for angled and curved features where bathroom tiles or mosaic tiles wouldn’t work. We also use tadelakt to craft architectural bathroom elements such as vanity units, shelving, wall and shower niches. Tadelakt’s smooth marble-like finish gives these elements a seamless contemporary designer look.

Is my bathroom right for tadelakt?

Tadelakt can be used in bathrooms of any style, size or shape giving them a beautiful individual edge. Architects, interior designers and discerning homeowners come to us for our years of experience, creativity and ingenuity. We are known for being able to achieve the unachievable and always finding a way to make our client’s ideas become reality.

What types of projects do you work on?

Our work ranges from crafting multiple tadelakt bathrooms in exclusive housing and apartment developments to the refurbishment of whole houses and individual bathroom renovations. Tadelakt’s unique character means that every finish is original and no two bathrooms look the same.

What colours are available?

Tadelakt has an incredible depth of colour, it is coloured with pigments to create almost any shade. We understand the importance of getting colours absolutely spot on to create your perfect bathroom space. We invest a lot of time to ensure we get this right including handcrafting A4 samples so that you get an excellent feel for colour and texture to match your bathroom colour scheme.

Does it require a tadelakt bathroom specialist?

Tadelakt plastering is a highly specialised skill and not something that should be trusted to a non-specialist. Our team specialise in tadelakt plastering and nothing else. Having trained with traditional craftsmen in Marrakesh in 2008 we are the most experienced tadelakt craftsmen in the UK.

Why choose Decor Tadelakt for your bathroom?

  • We specialise purely in tadelakt, all of our craftsmen have been specially trained and have honed their skills on 100s of successful tadelakt projects.
  • Our creative minds are actively engaged in the whole process and we’ll give you ideas and think of innovative ways to deliver them. Our work regularly features in leading home and style publications.
  • Work closely with architects, interior designers and homeowners to agree on bathroom design, style and layout.
  • We always work within your budget, the price that we quote is the price that you pay, no hidden charges
  • Our handcraft A4 sized colour samples needed to get a good feel for the depth of colour and texture. We don’t use smaller, Post-it note sized samples, as these aren’t good enough to judge.
  • We produce detailed substrate guides so that other specialist trades know exactly how to build a tadelakt ready bathroom.
  • We make sure there is regular communication with project managers so that we work within the times that suit you and there are no delays.
  • We love what we do and are always on hand for further advice or should the worst happen, to put things right.