Tadelakt Plastering Services Bristol

Tadelakt is one of the oldest and most treasured plaster finishes in the world. The beauty of Tadelakt results from the natural lime-based plaster which creates subtle nuances of colour and depth.

Working in collaboration with our clients, leading designers and architects, we create inspirational tadelakt finishes for wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other living areas. We guide our clients through the choices in colour, shape and finish to create eye-catching designs that complement their homes. We can realise the latest designs, perfectly blending style and substance to create beautiful individual spaces.

Our highly experienced tadelakt craftsmen use the traditional techniques that have been passed down by generations of Moroccan tadelakt masters. Each design and application of tadelakt is unique, its luxurious look and feel are in demand by Bristol’s dynamic and creative designers, architects and home builders.

Whether you are renovating an apartment in Clifton, buying a new home in Stoke Bishop or planning improvements to your existing property in Redland, we will work with your concept design, provide detailed instructions on how to construct a room for tadelakt, and deliver a beautifully handcrafted, bespoke space.

We have a portfolio of projects throughout Bristol and the South West ranging from residential extensions in Bishopston, new builds in Leigh Woods and conversions in Southville to restaurants in Whiteladies Road, commercial buildings in the Temple Quarter, and Somerset hotels and spas.


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Tadelakt Q & A

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the application, maintenance, cleaning and other details of tadelakt plaster.

The exact cost of applying tadelakt depends on a variety of factors, we usually quote per square metre, so to get an exact figure, you should get in touch with us to let us know your requirements. We will ask you to provide measurements for if you have walls that require plastering, as well as a sketch of any design features such as shelves, architectural niches, vanity units and similar. When you have the information send it to us via phone, email or letter and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Yes, tadelakt is ideal for use in a bathroom. This type of plaster has been around for around 2000 years and was originally developed by the Berbers of North Africa for storing drinking water and was later used in wet and steamy hammams because of its water repelling properties. Tadelakt is waterproof due to both the inherent properties of the plaster and the application technique of finishing it with wax. Because tadelakt doesn’t require grouting, it offers a seamless finish to a bathroom. This not only looks good, but is very hygienic because mould and mildew can’t develop in the cracks.

To avoid structural cracks, tadelakt should be applied only to substrates that will not warp or bend when coming into contact with moisture. Unless you are an expert plaster, it is best to have your tadelakt applied by an expert to make sure this doesn’t occur. Over time, tadelakt will develop a patina of very fine fissures, which is nothing to worry about and will only improve its unique aesthetic appeal.

After the tadelakt has been applied, we use a penetrating sealer as initial protection, followed by a hard-wearing water-based wax to protect the surface once the plaster has dried. Because it is finished with wax and has a high shine, dirt and grime will take much longer to build up than it does on traditional bathroom surfaces such as tiles and grouting. After a few months you may begin to notice that the surface needs cleaning, so it may become apparent that more water is being absorbed into the surface of the plaster. When this happens, you simply need to apply more wax. We will give you a tub of wax after installation, as well as thorough maintenance instructions. Always avoid harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach.

Plaster walls must be able to breathe properly. Moisture needs to be able to evaporate through them, so that condensation, damp and mould are prevented. If moisture is sealed in, it can cause damage and decay, leading not only to unsightly blemishes but also to more complicated structural problems. Tadelakt is a very breathable substance, and will not be damaged by moisture. In fact, tadelakt copes so well with water that it can even be used outdoors and will not be damaged by rain.

Yes. Tadelakt has been used for hundreds of years in traditional steam room facilities such as Turkish baths, steam rooms and hammams. Due to its inherently waterproof qualities and water resistant finish, it is the perfect material for showers, wet rooms and even swimming pools. It looks great when used to create architectural features in a room, such as shower cubicles and sinks, and can also be used to create floors, washstands, shelves, seats and bath tubs – all totally waterproof.