Tadelakt Living Areas

Why use tadelakt for my kitchen, dining room or bedroom?

Tadelakt is the ultimate lime plaster finish that can be applied throughout the home. The growing popularity of Moroccan tadelakt plaster with interior designers, architects and home renovators means that traditional tadelakt techniques are no longer reserved just for areas that require waterproofing such as bathrooms and shower rooms.

Whether you are looking to redesign your entire home, overhaul an apartment or remodel a kitchen, bedroom or hallway tadelakt provides a unique, luxurious look. Tadelakt works especially well in living areas with lots of natural light. The polished tadelakt texture glistens as it reflects the light adding a sense of space and brightness to kitchens, dining areas, hallways and stairwells.

The burnished tadelakt texture is created by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques to create a polished finish that is smooth to the touch. It is also an entirely natural material using only lime plaster, olive oil soap and natural pigments which means that it is free from planet harming chemicals found in many modern paints and other building materials.

Tadelakt is ideal for splash areas in kitchens, it can also be combined with traditional lime plaster and painted walls to create a stunning look in bedrooms and dining rooms. It is incredibly versatile, it can be used to curve around any surface to create architectural features, shelves and countertops.

How do I decide if tadelakt is right for my living area?

Our team of tadelakt specialists have worked on hundreds of projects to create living spaces inspired by contemporary designs, traditional architecture and everything in between. Some of our clients are looking for simple natural spaces, others ask us to work to elaborate designs. From your initial contact with Decor Tadelakt through to the finished project we are always available to provide expert advice and offer inspiration.

Is tadelakt easy to apply?

One of the many appeals of tadelakt is that it is still relatively rare. That’s because the skills required to expertly apply tadelakt take years of disciplined practice to acquire. Tadelakt plastering is a craft that requires meticulous attention to detail, an acute understanding of the properties of the material and how it interacts with its environment. That is why each and every tadelakt project results in a superb, distinctive finish.

Which tadelakt colours are available?

Traditional tadelakt colours are inspired by the natural tones of Morocco. We can match our tadelakt to almost any shade from the warm browns and yellow ochres of the desert to the brilliant reds of Marrakech and vivid cobalt blues of the Atlantic coast. Our most popular colours can be seen throughout our portfolio including warm greys and beige, stone-like taupes, dusty pinks and charcoal greys. We can also match any custom colour to transform your living space.

Why choose Decor Tadelakt for your living space?

  • Our attention to detail is second to none, we are proud tadelakt artisans and experts in tadelakt techniques.
  • Since training with traditional tadelakt craftsmen in Morocco we have specialised solely in tadelakt.
  • We have created countless beautiful living spaces using tadelakt. Browse our incredible portfolio of projects to inspire ideas for remodelling your home.
  • Our hugely loyal client base of leading architects, interior designers and discerning homeowners who are happy to recommend our work.
  • We have excellent relationships with complementary trades including builders, kitchen fitters and decorators.
  • We offer expert advice, always keep you informed of how projects are progressing and meet our agreed deadlines.