Tadelakt Steam Rooms and Pools

Why use tadelakt for my steam room or pool?

Tadelakt plaster has been used in traditional steam room facilities such as Moroccan hammams and Turkish baths for hundreds of years. Tadelakt’s inherent waterproof qualities and its incredible versatile nature make it the perfect material for steam rooms and pool areas.

The cleansing and relaxing features that popularised hammams throughout the ages have become fashionable for luxurious residential spas as well as in commercial spas that feature in hotels, state-of-the-art wellness centres and pools.

Tadelakt’s unique character, created by massaging and polishing the material, is perfect for private home areas such as steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools. Our clients including architects, interior designers and operators of commercial spa facilities love tadelakt for its individual qualities that make each application a one of a kind.

Whether you are looking for an intimate space or a bathing area to be used by the public, Decor Tadelakt partner with leading suppliers of thermal room and pool equipment to construct beautiful spaces that are designed to inspire.

Where else can tadelakt be used?

Tadelakt can be used anywhere that traditional stone or tiles are used including saunas, infinity pools, relaxation spaces and treatment areas. Its sublime texture is one of the defining characteristics that has made tadelakt the choice of discerning people since it was first used in 11th century Morocco and one of the reasons why it’s popularity has increased in recent times in private homes and 5-star resorts.

Is my steam room or pool area right for tadelakt?

Tadelakt can be used on steam room or pool areas of any function, size or style helping to create environments that refresh and reinvigorate both the body and mind. Private clients, architects and interior designers trust us to create unique sanctuaries designed to their individual needs. Our experienced team of tadelakt experts will work closely with you on every detail of the project to deliver an oasis of calm.

What types of projects do you work on?

Our talented team work on projects ranging from constructing steam rooms and pools in exclusive housing and apartment developments to some of the world’s most well-renowned hotel spas, resorts and wellness retreats.

What colours are available?

Tadelakt was traditionally coloured with natural pigments to produce the familiar colours of Moroccan architecture. Today, we can colour tadelakt to practically any shade. The result is a sleek, silky soft texture with a matt finish that interacts with the light and changes depending on the depth of light and angles of the space. At Decor Tadelakt we invest a lot of time to ensure that we produce the colour that our clients specify and get it absolutely right.

Do I need a tadelakt steam room specialist?

In short, yes! Tadelakt plastering takes years to learn and is not something that a non-specialist can offer. Our team originally trained with traditional tadelakt craftsmen in Marrakesh in 2008. Since then we have delivered hundreds of successful projects many of which have featured in leading style publications.

Why choose Decor Tadelakt for your bathroom?

  • Since training with tadelakt craftsmen in Morocco in 2008 we have specialised in tadelakt plaster and nothing else.
  • Clients love what we do, we work with the same professional contacts time and time again because they trust us completely.
  • Known for our creativity and ingenuity, we make projects work where others can’t, delivering stunning results every time.
  • Work closely with specialist trades and suppliers of steam room and pool equipment.
  • Offer an exclusive service, there are never any hidden charges and we always deliver what we say.
  • Whether we work on a private home steam room or a commercial spa we are always on hand for advice and ensure there is regular communication throughout the project and make sure our clients are completely happy.