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History of the Tadelakt technique

Tadelakt is relatively new to the UK but is growing in popularity due to its incredible aesthetic and practical properties. Pronounced tad-eh-lact, this beautiful plaster is indigenous to the Marrakech region of Morocco, and gives walls a stunning smooth surface that’s reminiscent of natural stone, but with a luxurious sheen. But how did tadelakt develop and how long has it been used? Read on for the history of this wonderful plaster. Continue Reading »


Bathroom Interior Design Ideas for 2020

Making changes in your house can give you a whole new perspective on your living space and reignite your love affair with your interiors. However, updating your décor doesn’t have to be a huge job and you don’t have to do it all at once; sometimes just changing one room can give your whole house a new lease of life. If you want to start small, the best place to update is the bathroom, whether it’s a few minor details or a total overhaul.

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7 Sustainable Interior Decorating Choices

Eco-friendly design and interior decorating choices are becoming increasingly important for people building or renovating their homes. We are all more and more aware of the need to limit our carbon footprints and think carefully about what impact our actions have on the environment. This awareness should feed in to the decisions you make about your surroundings, and help you make choices about materials and methods which are as sustainable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

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London’s best home extensions and renovations

There comes a time for many households when the amount of space you have within your home starts to feel like it isn’t enough. Perhaps those cute little toddlers have become strapping great teenagers and suddenly every room feels a bit smaller. Or maybe a business you started at the kitchen table has suddenly boomed and you need a fit-for-purpose office to work from instead.

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René Dekker

Best of British Interior Design – Top UK Interior Designers

British interior design has been the envy of the world for hundreds of years, with British designers creating the defining styles of the ages from the Georgian period all the way up to the contemporary luxury modern look we enjoy today. The sophistication of British interior design is rooted in this illustrious history, as well as the role call of inspirational British designers including William Kent in the 18th century, George Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret MacDonald in the early 20th century and Nicky Haslam around the turn of the millennium.

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Interior Design

How to Work with your Interior Designer for the Best Results

Whether you’re working on a commercial project, a whole house or just a single room, the right interior designer will make sure you get the absolute best from the space you want transformed. Working with an interior designer is usually a very positive experience, but if you haven’t done it before it can feel like an intimidating process. As the space is one you that you will be living or working in, it’s crucial that you have as much input as you want, without creating conflict or stepping on your designer’s toes. Here are some tips and advice on working effectively and successfully with your interior designer.


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